I began my doula journey in the summer of 2023! I have been able to shadow two births where I played the role of a doula, it was an incredible experience for me. I am so excited to start taking my own clients and gaining more experience.

Something to consider when budgeting for a doula is that Evidence-Based Birth shows that if a birthing person has continuous labor support (doula), both birthing people and babies are statistically more likely to have better outcomes! Doulas significantly reduce the risk of interventions. Which means, hiring a doula can help you avoid costly interventions, cesareans, formulas, and more. 

I only take around two clients per month. Since birth is very unpredictable, births that overlap can still happen. That is why I always have a backup doula, whom you can meet (most likely virtually) during our prenatal visits. In case I cannot make it to some or all of your birth, my trusted backup doula will be there for you.

A doula provides evidence-based information so that you can make informed decisions, empowers you to ask questions and give informed consent about your care, supports you and your partner physically and emotionally, listens to your wishes without bias to help you organize and build a birth plan that is best for you, and helps you process and remember your birth story. A doula does NOT provide medical treatment, as we are not trained medical professionals. We do not make decisions for you and your family nor do we push an agenda on you. Only YOU know what is best for you! We do not take the father's/partner's place, promise, or guarantee outcomes as birth is unpredictable and we do not only attend home births. We attend all kinds of births: birth centers, hospitals, scheduled cesareans, etc.

I believe both partners and doulas play a vital role in supporting the birthing person. Doulas can also support partners! Having a doula can allow your partner to eat, rest, and take breaks during the long hours of labor. Which allows them to better show up for you. Studies have shown that the most positive birth experiences for birthing partners are ones where they have continuous support from a doula or midwife. According to a randomized trial, doulas working alongside or with partners can reduce cesarean rates from 25% to 13%! This becomes even more apparent when labor is induced, with the cesarean rate going from 59% to 13% with partners and doulas. 

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