A Gentle Space.

The Gentle Space Package:

This package includes two in-person prenatal visits where we will get to know each other as well as:

  • Build a comprehensive birth plan
  • Resolve any of your concerns or fears
  • Establish your med preferences
  • Learn and practice comfort techniques used in birth
  • Create your postpartum plan
  • Learn all about the birthing process

...and much more! I will be on call from 37 weeks to 42 weeks. As soon as you need me, give me a call and I will be there. During your labor and birth I will:

  • Provide continuous support to you and your partner
  • Facilitate communication between you and your providers
  • Encourage you to make your own informed decisions

This package also includes one in-person postpartum visit, usually within the first week after birth. During this visit we will:

  • Process your birth experience
  • Go over basic breastfeeding support
  • Additional postpartum education and support resources

Though my first priority is continuous support of you and your partner, I am happy to take photos and videos per your request. I can then create a Google Photos file, where you can have access to the footage.

Creating a comprehensive birth plan (as stated above) includes me answering any of your questions and providing up-to-date and evidence-based information and resources, so that you can build your own birth plan. There are so many options when it comes to birth and I am here to educate you on all your options, without bias or projecting my own opinions. I believe you know what is best for you and your baby, so let me give you the tools and information to make those decisions with confidence.

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The Gentle Space
Package $1,000


  • Build a Birth Plan Package
  • The Gentle Space Plus+ Package 

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