“May every new mom be blessed with the kind of friend that does your dishes while you rock the baby to sleep, sings lullabies in the car when they’re crying, grabs a dog leash and a diaper bag from your hands without being asked, and retraces your steps when you lose your phone in the midst of soothing an over tired 9 month old. I feel like the richest girl in the world to know you!!”

- Caitlin Schofield

"Alyssa came into my birth journey with such positivity and light. She was a blessing we didn't know we needed. She validated every step of my journey and when it came to the actual birth, she remained calm and attentive. She was hands-on and showed care with her touch. We were lucky to have her part of our birth team, as would anyone else who chooses to use her services."

- Birth Center Client 

"Alyssa is a fantastic doula! She is passionate and excited about all things related to birth and supporting women. She is intuitive in the birth space and fills whatever role is needed. She would be a great addition to any birth team!

- Erin Yates, Doula